Maker's Mark - Bourbon

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Producer Maker's Mark
Country United States
Style Bourbon
Size 750ml

In-Store Notes

The unique bourbon taste of Maker’s Mark can actually be attributed to Limestone-purified spring water — every drop of water comes from a spring-fed lake right at the distillery. The natural limestone in the water filters out iron, which is good for buildings but can quickly ruin the taste of whisky.

With a foundation of red winter wheat rather than traditional rye, Maker’s Mark will be full on the palate, yet lack the hot coarseness of rye-based whiskies. This, along with naturally malted barley, and yellow corn, results in a distinctively full, yet mellow taste that hasn’t changed in over half a century.

An important part of our double-distillation process, they remove impurities to create a more refined sipping whisky.

This whole double-distillation thing may not be very efficient, but it sure makes for a better whisky. These old cypress tanks still work just fine for fermenting process. use only charred white oak barrels to hold whisky as it ages. Due to the charring of the oak, the natural sugars of the wood are released into the bourbon, enhancing the already wonderfully mellow taste of Maker’s Mark,

A subtle, complex, clean nose, with vanilla and spice, a delicate floral note of roses, plus lime and cocoa beans. Medium in body, Maker’s Mark offers a palate of fresh fruit, spices, eucalyptus and ginger cake.

Maker's Mark Description

Red winter wheat is the flavoring grain of Maker's Mark®. It allows the bourbon to sit on the forward pallet of the tongue. Traditional bourbons use rye for their flavoring.

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