Voli - Vodka Lyte

Retail Price$19.99
Producer Voli
Country United States
Style Vodka
Sku 10024221
Size 750ml

In-Store Notes

Voli Light Vodkas, the world’s first line of low calorie fruit and fusion flavored vodkas. Hand crafted by the master blenders of Cognac, France, Voli light vodkas are a delicate blend of the finest wheat vodka, pure spring water from Protea and natural flavors. Voli is multi-distilled and filtered in order to create extraordinarily clean and smooth tasting flavored vodkas with 1/3 fewer calories than leading brands.

Voli is made from 100% superior French wheat, which means that it is farmed according to the highest EU standards, certified natural spring water from Protea (Cognac region), FDA certified flavors and mineral salts.

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